Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Essay 1 - instructions

You have to write an individual essay twice during the course; one in the beginning and one more right when the course ends. Writing these essays are compulsory. Below are the instructions for the first essay.

Please download and use the template that is available in Bilda (Bilda/DM2571 fmed13/Documents/130906 FoM essay 1) when you write your text. Use your family name when you designate a name your file ("Pargman essay 1") and upload it to the "drop box" that has been created exclusively for this purpose in Bilda. Do note that you can only upload the file formats .doc, .docx (MS Word) or .pdf to the drop box.

If you have any practical or other questions about this task, please ask them in the form of a comment to this blog post (I subscribe to blog post comments and will answer in the form of a new comment).

Deadline for handing in the essay is Friday Sept (23.59). This task is neither very comprehensive nor time-consuming.


1A. "Expectations and apprehensions". 
This is the 11th time the course is given. Some students have previously seen one or several final presentations and have furthermore perhaps talked with older students about the course - while others know very little beyond the course introduction that was given yesterday. In both of these cases, it is important for us teachers to avoid misunderstandings, to adapt the course according to the participants' preferences (where possible) and to explain why that is impossible in other instances.

Please write 200-600 words (0.5 - 1.5 pages) about your hopes and expectations, or your fears and apprehensions about the course as it now starts - based on whatever information you have available right at this moment. Perhaps you have opinions about the form or the content of the course that you would like to voice?

1B. "My relationship to news". 
Please write 400-1000 words (1 - 2.5 pages) about your personal relationship to news. What does news mean to you? How do you consume news (on paper or through gadgets or screens)? What kind of news interests you (and what kind doesn't interest you)? In what context do you consume news (for example in terms of times of the day and daily routines and/or in terms of physical locations)? Have your news habits changed lately or at some earlier point in your life? If you don't read/consume/are interested in news, why do you think that is? Have you ever been involved in making (writing, editing, producing) news? Are there already now some news-related issues that you find particularly interesting and that you would like to immerse yourself in (or suggest that someone else should immerse themselves in) during the project phase of the course?


  1. I can't find any folder on Bilda where I can upload my file!

  2. Sorry, I should have specified better. Bilda can be confusing.

    Anyway, the folder is under "Contents/Essay 1" (if you have a Swedish-language interface then under "Innehåll").

    Please comment again if you still have problems.


  3. Hello Daniel,
    I just got registered on this course today and I can't see that I have been "invited" to the Bilda group just yet (as expected). Although I have a finnished essay and would like to upload it today, hence the deadline :)

    /Mårten Cederman

  4. Mårten, it is fixed. You should have access now.