Friday, October 25, 2013

Hand-ins this week (Fri Oct 25)

To clarify things that have been communicated previously (including at the coordination meeting with all the project leaders yesterday), me and Malin have asked you to hand in the following things this week (today!):

- A revised project plan. We met and discussed your project in the beginning of the week. We think that every group needs to revise their project plans after those meetings (some groups more, other groups less). You should hand them in by mail to Daniel and Malin today at the latest (half the groups have already handed in their revised project plans).
- A short summary of your project. The summary should be "handed in" by publishing it on the new blog that you have all been invited to. That means that you can have a look at what the other groups aim to do in the project. It will be especially interesting for you to find out if your group is "close" to what another group will work with. If you are, you should consider talking to the other group about this. It is ok to overlap some and you might even find synergies (linking up or building on some part of what the other group does), but you shouldn't totally overlap and risk doing the same thing (solve the same problem, suggest the very same solution etc.) as another group.


at the meeting with the coordination group yesterday, we decided that the short summary (above) should be a text that also people outside of this course can understand. The plan is to use your summary in the website that the executive group will put together to inform about the course and to advertise the final presentation to people in the news industries in an attractive way. For your 300 word summary, you should thus aim at stating what you will do in your project; what is your big idea? What will you look into and how will you do it?

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