Monday, October 28, 2013

One time only extra hand-in for all groups

As was discussed in last week's meeting with the project leaders, and as has been announced on this blog, each group has to provide some extra information this week only. We need this to be able to set up a website that will look as good as last year's Future of Magazines website.

On top of the ordinary weekly status report that you should upload on the course companion blog on Friday, you should thus also hand in/post a separate blog post with the following information:

1) The name that you have finally chosen for your group.

2) A short tagline, a phrase that suits your project theme and that adds meaning to it. It could also be an inspiring question/statement/proposal such as "What if...", "In the future...", "We will...", "Our dream is...". Some catchy examples from last year (The Future of Magazines) were "As long as it makes sense", "Discovering magazines has never been easier", "The future is made by you, not for you". Here is some more info about last year's projects (click on the images for info about individual projects).

3) A short summary/pitch (around 40-100 words) about your project. See examples from last year's projects here.

4) A large picture - choose a picture that you think represents your group and the subject you will explore (for example a logotype or a photo that captures a feeling of relevance to your project). The image should be 2000 * 1125 pixels (breadth, height). It's possible to provide a larger picture but the proportions have to be the same (16:9). See examples from last year's projects here.

5) A small picture (500 * 500 pixels). It's possible to provide a larger picture but the proportions have to be the same.

You might feel it is slightly premature to state/pitch what you will do, but the goal is to get a wealth of materials handed in so as to be able to mix and mash something up that can convey a theme and a feeling for promotion/ad/elevator pitch purposes - for example in an attempt to get sponsors to the final presentation!

The deadline for this "extra" hand-in is the same as for the next weekly status report, i.e. Friday Nov 1! 

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