Friday, October 11, 2013

Lecture 18 - Mon Oct 14 (10-12) - Picha Edwardsson

Time & Place: Monday October 14 at 10-12 in lecture hall D2.

Guest lecturer: Malin Picha Edwardsson, PhD student in Media technology

Title: Carbon footprint of News Publishing

Talk: This talk summarizes the most important trends within the media development and discusses what environmental impact different media channels have today. Important questions regarding the future of media will also be raised, such as What will be the environmental impact of emerging media channels? And is it possible to create a sustainable media sector in the future?

About: Malin Picha Edwardsson has a licentiate degree in Media technology from KTH, and has previously worked in the media industry both as an editor and as a project manager with questions related to digital development and emerging media. She is currently working on her PhD with focus on scenarios of the future of news and environmental aspects of emerging media consumption trends.
Literature (attached): 
- Picha Edwardsson (ed) (2012), "Carbon footprint of news publishing", Wan-ifra research report: Shaping the future of news publishing. Available in Bilda.

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